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All That You Want To Know About Medical Tourism Services

Several tourists are coming to India for the excellent medical treatment that is being offered by the expert doctors. This has made India develop as a center for the medical visitors each year. The main reason medical tourism services in India is preferred because the price of medical treatment in India being economical when compared to North America, few Southeast Asian countries, and Western Europe. India has been receiving good revenue earnings from its medical tourism from past four to six years.

Know More about Medical Tourism

For medical tourism to have a key impact, healthcare providers have to invest in an active social media profile, a well-maintained blog and website. Collaborating with five-star hotels, travel agencies, and other service providers from hospitality industry will assist to make sure console to international tourists in each aspect by looking after their back-to-back requirements. Investment in security, technology, and translators is vital to make sure Indian healthcare become world-class.

Need To Know About Medical Tourism In India?

If yes, then you should know about the factors attracting medical tourist to India:

  • India offers treatment of high quality using the latest technique and technology. India has several accredited hospitals.
  • India offers the highest quality healthcare at the least price. The expense of treatment in the country is one-tenth the price of similar treatment in UK/US. For instance, Heart Bypass price around $ 123,000 in United States whereas in India it cost around $7900.
  • In countries like Canada, UK and the US patients have to wait for getting the major surgeries done. India has very less or no waiting time for major surgeries.
  • Government of India, the Ministry of Family Welfare and Health and the Ministry of Tourist are working hard to make India a more well-known medical destination. For this reason, medical visa has been introduced, which enables a medical tourist to be in India for a particular period. Besides this, visa on arrival is offered for citizens from some countries, which enables them to stay in India for 30 days.
  • In spite of linguistic multiplicity in India, English is regarded as an official language. Because of which communication becomes simple with patients from foreign countries as it is a global language.

Tips to attract medical tourist and the cost involved

Besides quality healthcare, medical tourists must be offered with other facilities to make their stay and travel at ease. Extra services to be offered for medical tourists are:

  • Visa invitation letter is required for applying medical visa to India. Upon getting the required details such as visa invitation letter, passport number should be issued for potential foreign patient.
  • Medical tourism is a team effort. You need to invest for team up with representatives of international health office, hospitality partners, etc.
  • Quotation is a key concern for a medical visitor. Doctors should make an estimated quotation depending upon the hospital stay and medical intervention required.
  • The staff recruited for international patients should be confident in speaking English. In case of non-English speaking patients, translators should be hired.

Thus, patients from international countries can come to India to get their treatment done.

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