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liver transplant

Maintaining the Health of the Liver Is Very Essential

Like any other part of the body, the liver is also one of the essential organs. It performs a lot of functions, and it acts as a powerhouse for cleaning the body. A liver maintains in an optimal condition to control, detoxifying, and metabolic functions of your body. It removes toxins ingested from contaminated food, […]

life after kidney transplant

How to Carry on Life After Kidney Transplant

Putting your body through a kidney transplant procedure is a very complicated process. Unlike standard surgeries, you should be twice as careful as your body has the chance of rejecting the transplanted organ. Your duration of hospital stays and recovery will depend on a few factors, including the type of transplant procedure, acceptance of the […]

kidney transplant

The Process of Getting a Kidney for Transplant

A kidney transplant is a procedure conducted to replace a sick kidney with a donor’s healthy kidney. The kidney can come from a donor of the deceased or a living donor. One of their kidneys may be donated by family members or others who are a good match. This type of transplant is known as […]

treatment in india at affordable rates

Getting High-Quality Treatment in India at Affordable Rates

India is now becoming a leading medical hub in the world due to latest technologies and skilled doctors. The medical tourism in India aims at offering various types of medical treatment services with cutting-edge technologies. If you are a foreign national then, medical tourism services are a suitable one for you because they offer high-quality […]

growth of medical tourism in india

The Growth of Medical Tourism in India

Nowadays, a majority of patients in international countries prefer traveling to other countries for undergoing medical treatments. This is because the medical expenses are an expensive one that most people cannot afford them. Medical tourism in India is gaining popularity in different parts of world because it allows patients to receive world-class medical services at […]