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The Process of Getting a Kidney for Transplant

A kidney transplant is a procedure conducted to replace a sick kidney with a donor’s healthy kidney. The kidney can come from a donor of the deceased or a living donor. One of their kidneys may be donated by family members or others who are a good match. This type of transplant is known as a live transplant. With one healthy kidney, people who donate a kidney can live healthy lives.

The total cost of kidney transplants in India varies, and the person who receives a transplant is usually given only 1 kidney. The person may receive two kidneys from a deceased donor in rare situations. The kidneys that are sick are usually left in place. The transplanted kidney is placed on the front side of the body in the lower abdomen.

How does the patient get the kidney?

Living donors

Since the human body is capable of functioning well with only one kidney, a family member with two healthy kidneys can choose to give you one of them. If the blood and tissues of your family members match your blood and tissues, a planned donation can be scheduled. It’s an excellent option to obtain a kidney from a family member. This reduces the risk of rejecting the kidney from your body and helps you to circumvent a deceased donor’s multi-year waiting list.

Deceased donors

Also known as cadaver donors are deceased donors. These are people who died as a result of an accident, not a disease. These are people who died as a result of an accident, not a condition. Either the donor or his relatives want to donate their tissues and organs

How is the kidney transplant performed?

If you are receiving a kidney from your relatives or friends, then your doctor can schedule the transplant in advance.If you’re hoping for a deceased donor who’s a close match for your type of tissue, though, you’ll need to be available to rush to the hospital at a time when a donor is found. Most transplantation hospitals offer pagers or cell phones to their people so they can be easily reached.

You will need to give a sample of your blood for the antibody test until you arrive at the transplant centre. If the result is a negative crossmatch, you will be cleared for surgery.A renal transplant is performed under general anaesthesia.

 An incision is made in your abdomen once you’re asleep and the doctors insert the donor kidney inside. The arteries and veins from the kidney are then linked to your arteries and veins. That will cause blood to begin to flow through the new kidney.Your doctor will also attach the ureter of the new kidney to your bladder so that you can urinate frequently.The ureter is a part that connects the kidney to the bladder.

There are chances that your body might reject the kidney, or the surgery might get complicated due to factors like high blood pressure. However, there are a lot of hospitals that perform the best kidney transplant in India.

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