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5 Startling Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

Joint pains worsen with age. Wear and tear of joints can cause pain and discomfort, which can prevent you from leading a normal life. One such joint pain that is very common, usually in middle-aged men and women, is the knee pain. The advancement in medical science has helped in the cure of knee pain by a knee surgery, which has become the most preferred choice of people in today’s world. Knee surgery is usually done when the pain becomes excruciating and unbearable. Listed below are five amazing facts about knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery

  1. High Success Rate of Knee Replacement Surgery

One of the most successful surgeries in the field of medicine is that of knee surgery. The credit for this goes to the advanced tools and techniques that make knee replacement highly successful. Once the surgery is completed, the patient is free from the knee pain that prevented him/her from leading a normal life.

  1. No Age Bar in Knee Replacement

A knee replacement cures you of the knee pain, thereby improving your quality of life. Arthritis and knee injuries resulted from playing sports, meeting with an accident, or due to any other reasons are the prime causes of knee pain. Knee pain usually affects the 50+ age group people, but it can happen to young people too. A knee replacement can be performed on the young and old alike.

  1. Preparation of The Body And Mind Makes The Surgery Successful

Knee pain in most cases is associated due to being overweight. When you prepare yourself for the knee replacement surgery by losing the extra pounds of flesh and also by keeping yourself positive, your healing and recovery will be faster,post the surgery. Being mentally prepared for the knee replacement will prevent you from unnecessary stress.

  1. Time Taken For Recovery is Long

Knee replacement needs a minimum of six weeks to recover. You can perform the basic daily chores after about six weeks of complete rest. After the surgery is performed, you will need the help of a family member or friend to help you perform even the simplest tasks like walking to the washroom or cooking a meal. A full complete recovery from a knee replacement may take many months. Until then, the doctor will advise you to stay away from strenuous activities.

  1. Walking Post the Surgery

Walking may seem difficult at first, after the surgery. That is probably the fastest and the easiest way to recovery. Walking helps you regain movement and in the healing process. Slowly try to increase the time for walking as you gain strength. Walking is one of the best exercises for the knees and will keep your knees stay strong and stable.


The above knee replacement facts will help you in getting a better idea of what a knee replacement surgery in India is. Consult your orthopedic doctor whether you need a knee replacement or not, and act on the doctor’s advice.

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