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5 Incredible Benefits Derived from Indian Medical Tourism

With an increasing number of patients suffering from different types of diseases, developing countries, like India, has been promoting medical tourism aggressively. By 2020, it is expected that medical tourism in this country is likely to cross $9 billion, which can be termed to be a significant increase of 200% from $3 billion achieved in 2015. Go through this blog to know more about benefits derived from Indian medical tourism.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in India

According to the industry experts and consultants, the flag bearers of the country’s healthcare system are to come up with a strategy that will promote healthcare in India and show positive growth. It should also include medical tourism and keep it as a primary force. Given below are few incentives, which can help boost medical tourism:

Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare that is offered in the country is cost-effective. The value of services generated by healthcare facilities is considered to be quite affordable. For healthcare services in the country, medical tourists are likely to derive value worth the money spent.

Quality Healthcare

When compared on a global scale, India offers quality healthcare at affordable rates. Quality of medical services provided is what actually helps it to rank among the top countries offering medical aid to patients. India is known to produce well-educated doctors as well as support staff and is definitely among the very best. The majority of the healthcare facilities and private hospitals maintain very high standards catering to patient care. With NABH accreditation being made mandatory, more hospitals spread across the country are likely to pay more attention to enhancing their own patient care standards and quality. Such accreditation, when officially acquired, will improve patient confidence in these facilities.


India boasts of having a large population that speaks and understands fluent English, especially within the medical fraternity. This obviously is among the most significant benefits of medical tourism In India as patients coming from all over the world find it easy to communicate with the doctors and avail proper treatments. Even the local people are aware of this language, which definitely makes life much easier for foreigners to visit this place for medical treatment.

Skill & Technology

Healthcare providers are knowledgeable about global standards when it comes to imparting quality healthcare. Several top hospitals in the country also make use of state of the art technology and equipment to provide quality and prompt treatments, all under the same roof.

Alternative Healthcare

The introduction of AYUSH (Ayurved, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, & Homeopathy) has managed to gain immense popularity, especially among Westerners.

It is also the above aspects combined with trustworthy healthcare professionals that have been helping medical tourism in India to become famous the world over.

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