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The Rise in the Popularity of Indian Medical Tourism.

Over the years, India has managed to adopt the latest technology, and several industries have managed to evolve at a tremendous pace. One such industry is medical services that have witnessed a revolution within a short span of time offering the best medical tourism in India.

Scope of Medical Tourism in India

In the last two decades, India has witnessed the emergence of the top hospitals boasting of almost all the modern medical equipment that can be noticed at the best hospitals in the developed countries. At the same time, it has also produced a huge number of qualified, knowledgeable, and talented doctors and specialists who are rated among the very best in the world.

Moreover, the treatment offered is of very high quality, similar to the ones that are offered abroad, but comparatively at affordable rates. It is all these aspects that make the country to become the most favored healthcare destination for foreign patients. Medical tourists can be found to be flocking here to avail superlative of medical treatment offered by highly skilled doctors. Patients come from North America, Europe, and a few Southeast Asian countries to avail treatment here.

Growth of Medical Tourism in India

India has been attracting foreigners since historical times for various reasons. But, with the advent of revolutionized medical technology and emphasis being made on improving healthcare as a whole, it is among the fastest developing medical destinations globally. India is also predicted to increase its revenue generated from medical tourism in the coming years. Those who are not able to afford medical treatment in their home country can find solace here in Indian hospitals. But this does not mean that they have to compromise on the quality of services provided.

The hospitals here are well-designed and equipped to treat all types of diseases, and there are Indian doctors who have managed to undertake record-breaking surgical feats! This way, the trust earned by doctors and hospitals here is what has been pulling patients from different corners of the country. This is only expected to increase in the future as India is also a safe place for every tourist, irrespective of the country they belong to.

The reasons for growth of medical tourism in India are:

  • Easy and quick visa availability for medical purposes.
  • Affordable treatment provided here when compared to those in the developed countries like the U.K & the U.S.
  • Access to quick service attracts foreign patients to visit here. Even major surgeries are performed here on an urgent basis.
  • Although India is ranked among the developing countries of the world, it has gained immense popularity for being at par with the developed countries, when imparting standardized and world-class medical services are concerned. Also, the highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors make use of state of the art technology.
  • There are also post-treatment recovery procedures and therapies like Yoga, Nephropathy, and Ayurveda to help patients to recover much faster and become healthier.

Hence, India can be stated to be a great place to avail of medical treatment and related services.

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