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Things to Do and Not to Do After Angioplasty

Angioplasty is a surgical procedure performed to open the clogged blood vessels and arteries that supply blood to your heart. The procedure involves widening the blocked blood vessels with the help of a catheter that is balloon shaped. By doing so, the blood flow to your heart muscles increase. The angioplasty price in india may differ from one hospital to another. Angioplasty has now become more safe, easy, and successful with the advancement in technology. There are certain things to keep in mind during the angioplasty, as well as after the surgery. We list below a few guidelines on what precautions to take after angioplasty to maintain a healthy heart.



If your angioplasty surgery has been planned, you may be discharged on the same day of surgery or on the next day. Before you vacate the hospital, do keep in mind the medications that you need to take, the correct dosage and frequency, dietary and lifestyle changes, surgery care and hygiene tips, your next check-up appointments with the doctor. There may be a wound at the spot of the insertion of the catheter. You must be vigilant about its healing process. It is normal to feel fatigued and lethargic after the surgery. It most usually passes in a few days.



Once the hospital gives you the clearance certificate for discharge, your recovery period will need immense care, such as taking the prescribed medicines in time, making changes in your lifestyle. The recovery time, post angioplasty, is generally two weeks, but it can vary according to the condition of the patient. The things to keep in mind during recovery are-

  • Intake of medicine – it is important to follow the medication schedule as prescribed by the doctor. Following the wrong dosage or stopping medication in between may lead to a relapse of the heart disease.
  • Slow down daily activities – recovery period means complete rest. One must refrain from performing unnecessary activities, especially the laborious ones. You can perform very light activities for the first few days after the surgery. Light exercises can be beneficial in speeding up the angioplasty surgery recovery time, but the lifting of heavy equipment is a strict no. The doctor will give you a list of the do’s and don’ts, which you must follow rigorously.
  • Avoid driving – it is advisable not to drive at least two weeks after the procedure. Once the doctor gives you permission to start driving, you can take the front seat.
  • Stop smoking – After angioplasty, you must quit smoking. Smoking can cause narrowing of the blood vessels and arteries because of which the flow of blood to the heart is reduced.
  • Make dietary changes – you may have to follow a restricted diet post-surgery. Eating the correct food as prescribed by the doctor is necessary to boost the recovery process. It is preferred to have green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and berries.

It is important to be patient during the recovery process. Care taken after surgery will ensure you of a heart in good condition and an overall healthy life ahead.

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