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Few Essential Things You Must Know About A Heart Valve Surgery

Heart valve surgery, also known as open-heart surgery, is a process of treating diseases of the heart valves. When one or more out of the four heart valves present are either damaged or diseases, it needs immediate attention. Proper functioning of the heart valves is important to ensure blood flowing through the heart. Valves that do not function properly cause a hindrance in the flow of the blood to the heart and eventually to other parts of your body.A heart valve surgery cost in India varies from one hospital to another.

Can medication treat heart valve diseases? A diseased or improper functioning heart valve is a big concern as it may cause serious damages or may even lead to death if not treated. When the condition is not very severe, it can be treated with medication, and surgery may not be needed. Sometimes, patients suffering from valvular disease may be prescribed medicines to reduce discomforting symptoms that come along with a less severe form of the disorder. It is also prescribed to maintain a regular heartbeat as any valvular disease brings with it the symptoms of an unrhythmic heartbeat. The patient is at great risk of blood clotting and stroke when the valve/valves are damaged or diseases. Medicines can help lower the risk of a heart stroke.

What happens if the condition is not treated – If the diseases of the valve are not treated, the condition may worsen over time. You must follow the advice of the doctor. When the condition becomes severe, surgery would be the best option. If surgery is ignored, the chances of survival become considerably low. The survival rate, however, depends on the patient’s age and overall health. Those who undergo treatment go on to lead a normal, healthy, and long life. However, post the surgery, care has to be taken in many aspects such as food, lifestyle activities to ensure a complete recovery and to minimize the chances of a relapse.


Heart valve replacement surgery risks – Just like any surgery, a valve repairing, or replacement surgery also come along with a few inherent risks. How dangerous is heart valve replacement surgery can be known by the amount of risk that this surgery brings along with it such as infection in the valve, pneumonia, breathing problems, the abnormal beating of the heart and improper functioning of the repaired or replaced valve, bleeding during the surgery or after the surgery has been performed.

Things you should talk to your doctor before the surgery – You must talk to your doctor about the regular medications to be taken before the surgery. In addition, if you develop allergies or reactions after taking certain medications, you must report it to your doctor. In addition, you must ask your doctor when you should put a stop to eating or drinking before the surgery.

Nowadays, there are newer, less invasive surgical methods to make the surgery easy and which ensures faster recovery after the surgery.

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