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Basic Things to Know About Kidney Transplant In India

A kidney transplant is an invasive operation that is performed to treat kidney failure. The kidneys filter blood waste and extract it from the body through the urine. They also help to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in your body. If your kidneys stop functioning, the waste in your body builds up and can make you sick.

The best kidney treatment in India is provided to people with kidney failure.  People whose kidneys failed are usually treated with dialysis. Mechanically, this procedure removes waste that builds up in the bloodstream when the kidneys stop functioning. Many people who failed their kidneys can qualify for a kidney transplant. During this procedure, a living or deceased person replaces one or both of the kidneys with the donor’s kidneys.

Who needs a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant could be an option if your kidneys stopped working altogether. This condition is called kidney failure or kidney disease at the end of the point. If you hit this stage, your doctor will likely prescribe dialysis. Besides having you on dialysis, the doctor will inform you if they think you’re a successful kidney transplant candidate. To be a successful candidate for a transplant, you would need to be healthy enough to undergo major surgery and accept a strict, lifelong regimen of medication after surgery. You do need to be ready and able to obey all your doctor’s orders and take your drugs regularly.

If you have a underlying medical issue, a kidney transplant may be or may not be successful. Such severe conditions include cancer, or a previous history of severe infection with cancer, such as tuberculosis, bone infections, or extreme hepatitis cardiovascular liver disease. Your doctor will also recommend that you should not have a transplant if you: use alcohol or any illegal drugs.

This assessment usually requires several visits to determine the physical, psychological, and family health. If your doctor thinks you’re a successful transplant candidate and you’re interested in the process, you’ll need to be tested in a transplant centre.

Who qualifies for a kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant assessment is a comprehensive process:

  • For tests and assessments over a period of weeks to months, multiple visits can be expected to the transplant centre.
  • The reasoning behind this test is to determine transplant risk/benefit for the patient. It determines whether the patient can survive significant surgery, its suitability for immunosuppressive medicinal products and the potential for adjustment to the new organ-based on patient circumstances

A variety of tests are administered by the transplant centre to determine the case, some of them being:

  • tissue and blood type testing
  • Blood testing
  • Skin tests
  • Heart tests like EKG, echo, etc.

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