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Why Is There A Need Of Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant is a surgery that replaces a patient’s diseased liver with another person’s entire or part healthy liver. The article discusses the latest liver transplant criteria, donor livers forms, the procedure itself, and the immunosuppression needed after transplantation.

The liver helps remove and dispose of harmful contaminants from the blood, provides the body with the energy it requires to work, wards off viruses and infections, creates blood clotting factors, controls sex hormones, cholesterol levels, and body supplies of vitamins and minerals. Many of these essential functions are involved in liver cirrhosis or liver failure. When the liver enters a critical damage level, a hepatic transplant is the only effective treatment that increases the chances of survival.

Nearly per year, around 50000-60000 patients need a liver transplant. Among them, there are a lot of best liver transplant in India happens every year. However, due to a lot of reasons like lack of donors, lack of expertise, and high surgical cost, the mortality rate among cases of liver disease is still high. Just about 2000 patients now undergo transplants each year.

Who needs a liver transplantation?

A person who has end-stage liver disease, a doctor may recommend a liver transplant. An individual suffering from this condition will die without a transplant. A doctor can also suggest hepatic transplantation if another liver disease treatment is not adequate to keep a person alive. Hepatic transplants may be a choice for chronic liver disease, or if liver failure happens very quickly. Cirrhosis is the most prevalent explanation for why adults need liver transplants. Cirrhosis replaces healthy, scarred tissue in the liver. The causes for the cirrhosis include:

  • Alcohol misuse
  • chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C or autoimmune hepatitis
  • biliary atresia non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • liver disease in the infant
  • metabolic disorders

The medical team should also weigh other factors when deciding whether you need a liver transplant. Including:

  • The severity of your condition and other medical problems
  • history of tuberculosis and chronic infections such as HIV
  • your overall physical health and mental well-being
  • level of support from your family or friends

 Before approving a hepatic transplant, your doctor must determine if the operation will be successful and prolong the life of the person. A person may not be a likely candidate for transplantation if he has other chronic conditions that could affect the success of a transplant.

The liver for transplant is either taken from the deceased or from live donors who are willing. Throughout India, cadaveric liver transplantation is less common due to a lack of donation of corpse tissue. Still, information about organ donation makes living donor liver transplant the only choice for many patients. Liver transplant surgery cost is high, and it is a big operation. The average risk of life from a liver transplant is between 5-10 percent. About 90 percent of transplant patients live a year after surgery. The long-term liver transplant success rate (15-20 years) is 55-60 percent. After a liver transplant, most of the patients lead healthy, stable, and prosperous lives. The specific result, therefore, depends on the variables of the patient and cannot be generalized.

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