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Beware: Your Wealth may make you poor in Happiness

If money is the only thing you have-your are the poorest person

                                                                                                                                                                          Everyone strives hard to have a happy and Cheerful life. Most of us think money will bring happiness, but there are so many people with money but yet unhappy. If this would have been true then you would not have seen any rich & famous person, sad with teary eyes or committing suicide. Then why are we running in pursuit of money, and eventually losing love and affection to humanity? Can we not have an upper limit defined for ourselves to earn money and the comforts we need by not trading off the humanity inside us. It may slow down the pace at which we all make our wealth but it will definitely bring peace, harmony and love in the community and our lives. I do not say to stop progressing in life, but not at the expense of the peace and love of our lives. There is no limit to earn since we will increase our expenses in the same proportion as our earnings, leaving us always Hand to mouth. We shall adopt a path that enables us to earn without disturbing our ecosystem & helps us in achieving greater financial outputs over a period of time. Frequent job shifts (within 1 year or so) to get high payouts at some other company or leaving the towns frequently leaving the families behind is not the right way to increase the earnings.    Are we not managing our life, as we all sit back in our homes due to Covid 19 lockdown, and not spending any of that money? Not eating or dancing in swanky restaurants, not buying expensive products, not driving luxury cars, still living and surviving peacefully. 
I do not criticize any of the above, but I criticize the over obsession to achieve any of this at the expense of our ethics and morals. The feeling of competitiveness has taken a toll on each one of us from the day we are born. Right from the school days till we end up in either job or business or any other profession.
For us Happiness is spending what we earn to fulfill our dreams without even noticing the amount of happiness we screw in the journey to reach there. why do we always look at someone who is richer than us when we can feel satisfied by looking at someone who is less rich than us? 

It’s not bad to be competitive and grow in life, but not at the expense of compromising the basic ethics and values of our life. In India people have forgotten the difference between Earning for life & Earning in life. The first one means we earn money to live a life while the second one means we live our life only to earn money.
Everyone starts with earning for life to fulfill the basic needs of their life but do not realize when did they enter a vicious circle of earning every year more than the last year.  
The most important part is whatever you earn is never sufficient and you will always feel deficient about the money you have and always be complaining about not having an appropriate amount of money. We should feel content & manage the financials as per the earnings. We should be free from any peer pressure to showcase our earnings by flaunting in our lives.
let us think deep on this issue and set some ground rules for ourselves with regard to earnings and having the belongings (tangible or intangible) to live a happy balanced life. 
Good Luck 

Shobhit Mathur

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