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About Us

JUST HEALTH X – A Brief Introduction

India is placed among the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia, and one of the best medical tourism in world mainly due to quality healthcare infrastructure, ethical treatment , availability of highly-skilled doctors and most importantly the low cost of treatment

India is known mostly for its cost-effective medical treatments along with high standards in cardiology, orthopaedics and joiny replacement, nephrology, oncology , neurosurgery , IVF, and Organ transplants including bone marrow transplant,liver transplant,kidney transplant and hair transplant.

India also has world's best alternative and wellness treatment options such as yoga , ayurveda, unani ,homeopathy and holistic healing therapies.

JUST HEALTH X offers a comprehensive range of medical specialties and services. Our medical services here incorporate clinical expertise together with the use of sophisticated medical technology.

What is medical tourism:

Medical tourism is a popular method to get affordable and quality healthcare services in a foreign country for the reason that medical insurance in western countries has a high cost, thing that have led many people not opting for medical plans in their countries and also because of poor medical facilities in one’s home country. JUST HEALTH X can help you and guide you through the best possible medical treatment process making your treatment a cakewalk and make it easy to navigate through medical treatment destinations providers.

  • A study has revealed that patients needing health care accept to travel for medical help and a growing number of medical tourists or medical travelers from other countries are coming for treatment to India every year.
  • India offers excellent and affordable Medical care. Medical tourism is all about getting the absolute best treatment that can be gotten and having greater access to different treatment types at an affordable rate.
  • Also, medical tourism is often as much about the tourism as the medicine and it will provides you with recovery in the best places. All in all choosing India as your healthcare destination- your overall vacation including flight tickets and hotel stay will be cheaper than having the medical services done in your home country.

Why India

People seek medical tourism for simple or complex procedures like cardiac surgery , hip replacement, knee replacement , dental surgery ,oncology (cancer treatment), plastic surgery because many of medical tourism destinations can offer high standards of healthcare. For these medical treatment procedures India is one of the most preferred destination . India boasts of highly trained and world renowned doctors and state-of-art hospitals and medical clinics. Dental treatments are the biggest saver with medical tourism ( 70% – 80%) but even more complicated surgeries can save you a lot of money if you choose medical tourism.

  • Beyond medical tourism costs, many people appreciate the superior service and the diverse culture of India for leisure purposes as well . India, a multi-cultural society, boasts an amazing infrastructure, major shopping centres and is considered one of the top tourist destination for international visitors.India is one of the most beautiful countries of the world(top 15) beating Switzerland,Norway,Ireland and Crotia. The country also offers top educational system, comprehensive public transport, diverse culture and an excellent standard of living. Besides all these, India is also the right destination for safe and effective healthcare services. The biggest advantage for a foreign traveler is no language barrier as the major population speaks good English.

Why us ?

JUST HEALTH X earns a reputation for itself as the destination of choice among international patients. We have been treating and helping patients from more than 25 countries.

Located conveniently in the heart of Capital city of India- New Delhi and 24 hours online availability JUST HEALTH X is a full service medical care provider with comprehensive specialist services combined with advanced medical technology. We also aim to maintain India’s leadership as a regional healthcare hub by providing more complex procedures such as neurovascular interventional procedures, targeted cancer treatments, heart surgeries, orthopaedic surgeries,infertility treatments and Organ transplants.

Why us?

  • We understand that it is not easy to go to a distant country to seek medical services. Right from medical expenses and unknown specialists to language barriers, you may be concerned about many aspects. And this is where we step in. We pay attention to your queries, solve your problems and help you get the best medical assistance in India.
  • JUST HEALTH X offers one-stop access to personalized patient assistance in India. We arrange health check-up by highly qualified doctors at the most accredited hospitals and reputable medical centres. Our team is committed to deliver smooth, efficient, and highest quality of customized service dedicated to your individual healthcare needs.
  • Travel arrangements are professionally managed to the very last detail from the moment you start planning your travel till your arrival back to home country we take care of all your travel requirements starting from getting an Indian visa ,flights ,hotels ,leisure trips and of course the medical treatments. We ensure that every element of your medical visit is hassle-free. We can also book international flights and domestic hotels for you .We would listen to your concerns and help to address any issues that you may have.
  • From basic screening to complex surgical procedures and complex specialty care in areas, such as cardiology(heart treatment), ophthalmology(eye treatment), oncology(cancer treatment), orthopaedics(bones and joints treatment), Paediatrics(child care), Obstetrics and Gynaecology(women care). We offer top medical services for all of our patients. Apart from these benefits, English is one of the most common languages in India. All hospitals have staff who can speak English language fluently. These factors have increased the appeal of India’s medical treatments to foreign visitors.
  • The JUST HEALTH X Practice Model of collaborative care also allows our medical specialists to offer team-based care which is especially important for patients who have multiple medical conditions and require the care of more than one doctor. As a team, specialists diagnose and treat patients efficiently. At the same time, costs are kept low by not repeating consultations or examinations unnecessarily.
  • Understanding how it feels to be ill and in a foreign land, JUST HEALTH X all of our associated hospital and medical centres have set up the International Patients Centres to provide personalized care for our international patients and attend to all non-medical needs during the stay. The services at international patient care centres include :
    • Medical enquiries and appointment-making,
    • Medical translation and interpreter services,
    • Medical evacuation and repatriation,
    • Arrangement for accommodation in India
    • Visa application and extension,
    • Airport meeting and transfer service,
    • Travel planning and visitor information,
    • Secretarial support services,
    • Concierge services
    • Local case manager/buddy throughout the treatment
  • Affordability- Our staff assures efficient high-quality medical services. Although our medical treatment is cost-effective, our well-trained experts use innovative and outstanding modern technology in diagnosing and treating medical conditions. We understand that healthcare expenses in many countries are high. However, that is not the situation in India. We help you alleviate your medical concerns and offer a remedy to your health problems at an affordable cost.
  • High-Quality Healthcare- Our doctors and surgeons are well-trained and certified in reputable healthcare institutions in India . Our facilities are well-equipped and we provide top-notch personal care to our patients. Besides, we assure quick treatment for patients who need urgent medical care, thus also ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction, thereby speeding their recovery time.
  • You are Our Priority - Rest assured that you will always be on our priority list when it comes to medical care. We understand that waiting is not always an option when it comes to treating patients with critical health concerns. The faster you treat your problem, the better it is for your health. We make this possible. We have some of the best doctors in the world to provide you with quality care and attention. At JUST HEALTH X you can rely on our transparent pricing, ability to communicate with medical professionals immediately and also details on the medical procedures for different ailments and conditions. In our effective health care environment, patients will recuperate quickly in a pleasant environment.
  • Apart from providing all necessary assistance when abroad, we also provide translation and interpretation services for patients from Non-English speaking countries. We understand that it is not possible for our patients to gain a complete insight into various medical concepts and medical terminology. This is where our medical translators help you. We facilitate:
    • An appropriate translation of medical text
    • Complete translation services – From signage to surgical reports to pharmaceutical pamphlets to leaflets
    • Communication between the patients and the doctor and also the patients and the pharmacies
    • Assistance in laboratory tests, physical therapy, diagnostic screening or counseling

However, our benefits are not limited to high quality medical services. We also provide you with the best after-care services and an ideal environment to recuperate. We ensure:

  • Personalized services
  • Better quality of treatment
  • Privacy
  • Immediate treatment with zero waiting time

JUST HEALTH X takes pride in providing medical tourism services for people who seek safe, effective and personalized medical treatment.

Throughout your stay in India, we offer the following services:

  • Meet and greet at International airport arrivals
  • Accompany you at the hospital
  • Help you with hospital registration
  • Guide you throughout the examination and accurate diagnosis
  • Assistance in immigration and visa formalities.
  • Providing local sim cards(complimentary)
  • Getting the best possible quote from different hospitals
  • Offer other services and assistance
  • Help you stay in contact with your doctor
  • Forward your medical file to your country, if needed

Our mision

We empower our people to be skilled and customer oriented to differentiate ourselves from others. This leads to long term growth in partnerships with our clients.
Health information

Health information

We Provide a live patient-doctor conference to ensure that all patient queries about the proposed treatment are addressed and gives the specialist an opportunity to assess the patient condition.

Symptom Check

Symptom Check

Our well Qualified team of doctors and Physicians check all the symptoms and provide you with medical information, causes, and treatment for the most common symptoms.

Medical education

Medical education

Every Information Related to your Treatment and Disease Should be provided by well Qualified Doctors to Improve Your Health conditions

Qualified Doctors

Qualified Doctors

We have a team of well Qualified doctors who are always in touch with your treating physician to know your treatment plan and explain it to you at every step.