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breast cancer treatment

What Are The Five Signs Of Breast Cancer?

Cancer occurs when changes in genes that regulate cell growth occur, called mutations. The mutations allow uncontrolled division and multiplication of the cells. Breast cancer is cancer that grows in breast cells. Cancer typically forms within either the lobules or the breast ducts. Lobules are the milk-producing glands, and ducts are the channels that carry […]

bone marrow transplantation

Why Do You Need a Bone Marrow Transplant?

Bone marrow is the oily, spongy tissue located in the middle of your bones. Bone marrow contains the hematopoietic stem cells, commonly referred to as HSCs. Such HSCs are non-specialized cells capable of both dividing and differentiating to form different types of blood cells; otherwise, they may remain stem cells. Bone marrow is the body […]

Healthcare Travel Partner in India Proves to Be Beneficial

How Healthcare Travel Partner in India Proves to Be Beneficial?

A good number of patients from all over the world consider India as a destination to avail medical services and undergo complex surgical remedies. The reason is the quality medical services imparted here, combined with the easy availability of top-rated hospitals and doctors. The government also has been doing its bit to promote medical tourism […]

benefits of medical tourism In India

5 Incredible Benefits Derived from Indian Medical Tourism

With an increasing number of patients suffering from different types of diseases, developing countries, like India, has been promoting medical tourism aggressively. By 2020, it is expected that medical tourism in this country is likely to cross $9 billion, which can be termed to be a significant increase of 200% from $3 billion achieved in […]

knee replacement symptoms

5 Signs You Need a Knee Replacement Surgery

Do you feel excruciating pain in the knees? Is the knee pain preventing you from performing even simple daily tasks? Knee pain worsens with advancing age and may need a knee replacement surgery if the pain becomes unbearably high. The question that most people ask is whether they need a knee replacement or not. An […]

liver transplant

Maintaining the Health of the Liver Is Very Essential

Like any other part of the body, the liver is also one of the essential organs. It performs a lot of functions, and it acts as a powerhouse for cleaning the body. A liver maintains in an optimal condition to control, detoxifying, and metabolic functions of your body. It removes toxins ingested from contaminated food, […]

life after kidney transplant

How to Carry on Life After Kidney Transplant

Putting your body through a kidney transplant procedure is a very complicated process. Unlike standard surgeries, you should be twice as careful as your body has the chance of rejecting the transplanted organ. Your duration of hospital stays and recovery will depend on a few factors, including the type of transplant procedure, acceptance of the […]